About Us

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Forest Hills Chamber Of Commerce has been committed to helping business owners and residents of the Forest Hills community.The Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting commerce, community, and cultural arts in Forest Hills, what we call the 3 C’s.


Our events draw upwards of 60,000 people who come to Forest Hills to enjoy shopping, arts and crafts, children’s theater, cultural performances, dancing to the sounds of big band music, concerts and FUN! It’s a great way to connect with the community and meet new customers. Exposure at the Forest Hills Chamber Of Commerce’s outdoor festivals allows your business to sell merchandise, distribute and market your company’s promotional materials in Queen’s most affluent neighborhood, Forest Hills.


On behalf of the chamber we welcome you to our organization and extend to you our best wishes for prosperity throughout the year. The Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the economic growth of the area’s businesses and the community.